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What I learned from Deepak Chopra’s book “Self Power”

What I learned from Deepak Chopra’s book “Self Power”

Self Power – a path to the true self, has taught me these very important life lessons that I can practice on a daily basis.

Maturity – developing into an independent adult by taking responsibility for yourself; standing up for moral values; playing your part in keeping society together, beginning with the basic unit of society, your family; treating others with respect; behaving fairly and working towards justice in every situation; learning the value of restraint and self-possession.

Purpose – finding a reason to be here by doing at least one thing that is selfless; reading poetry, inspirational prose that makes you feel uplifted; sharing your ideals; expressing your purpose of being here; aiming to inspire with modesty; helping your children find their purpose; and acting from your highest values.

Vision – adopting a world view to live by; looking beyond everyday events to their higher meaning; questioning your habits of consumption; leaving time to be with yourself; putting your values to the test by trusting int he universe to take care of you; appreciating the present moment; seeing others around you as reflections of your inner reality; reading deeply into scriptures and literature that express you vision.

“Second attention” – seeing with the eyes of the soul, from this level a person transcends the physical world, following intuition and insight; accepting that the soul is the basis of the self; seeking their source in the timeless; aspiring to higher states of consciousness and trusting in invisible forces that connect us with the cosmos. Listening to the quietest part of yourself; trusting that its messages are true; learning to centre yourself; don’t make decisions when you’re not centred; bonding with people from the soul; seeking silent communion with yourself and your surroundings; spending time in the natural world, soaking up its beauty; seeing past the mask of personality that people wear in public; expressing your truth as simply as possible.

Transcendence – going beyond the restless mind and the five senses by staying centred; when carried away by a strong emotion or impulse, taking a moment to come back to yourself; not giving in to anxiety of others; in every situation where you feel confused, asking “what is my role here?”.

Liberation – becoming free of the “reality illusion” by seeing beyond your limited situation; dwelling on those moments when you feel free, exhilarated, unbounded; seeking love as your birthright, along with bliss and creativity; dedicating yourself to exploring the unknown.

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