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Global teachers

What I learned from ‘global’ teachers.

I have always been an avid reader and ever since I discovered there was a genre called ‘self-help’ and ‘self-development’ section in bookshops and libraries, I’ve been browsing those kinds of books more intently than any other kind. I tried unsuccessfully to ‘quit’ reading those books a few times, thinking it was ridiculous that I keep gravitating towards them, surely I’m all sorted by now – I’m a counsellor for goodness sake! Of course this self-development work is never done, never finished. We keep developing ourselves, keep changing, keep continuing to better ourselves, progress, improve, elevate, grow, strive, etc etc… I read a book called “Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma a few weeks ago and in it, Robin talks about having all his heroes on his bookshelf to give him wise words when needed, and I realised I’m not the only person who keeps referring back to global teachers, dead and alive, in times of need for encouragement, direction, wisdom, clarity. It seems other people do this too, I’m not so odd.

So what I do is I read books written by great teachers and write notes on the lessons I learned from them, and keep them safe in my journal and refer back to them whenever I need an input. These are the recent and old books, websites, and blogs that I like, it’s not an exhaustive list as I haven’t written down all the books I like in one place:

Who will cry when you die? by Robin Sharma – read about life lessons.

A road less travelled by M. Scott Peck – read about love and other life lessons.

Mindfulness meditation by Mark Williams – learned to meditate the mindful way.

The five love languages by Gary Chapman – learned what my love languages are

so I can communicate better with my loved ones.

Daring greatly by Brene Brown – learned how to harness my courage in the face of fear.

The gift of therapy by Irvin Yalom – the many lessons to be learned during therapy.

Journal to the self by Kathleen Adams – how to journal.

Desire Map by Danielle Laporte – learned to identify my desires so that I can create goals with soul.

Money a love story by Kate Northrup – money advice for creating abundance.

Gabrielle Bernstein – guidance from a spiritual teacher.

Marie Forleo – for creating a business with a heart.

Kris Carr – for great nutritional advice.

I hope to read many more wise words by world’s teachers and also home to develop myself as I grow older so that I can be in a position to pass on my wisdom and insights to younger generations.

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