Meet Ikuko

My name is Ikuko and I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) as a qualified psychotherapist / counsellor specialised in couple and family work. I have a private practice in Farringdon, EC1R.

I have a Masters degree in Relationship Therapy from the Relate Institute and have previously worked for Relate, the ‘Relationship People‘. I have also trained to work with Boarding School Survivors.

My interest lies in how people form, maintain, separate connections and intimacy with others. I have a particular interest in boarding school survivors, interracial and intercultural relationships and parents with children who have been hospitalised and/or are disabled.


I first became interested in counselling while I was volunteering at Home-Start, where they offered a counselling skills course. Ever since I have been continuing in professional and personal development.

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Couple therapy and family counselling

If you have any relationship difficulties, you might benefit from having someone to talk to.  Relationships are what I specialise in. I work with individuals with a relationship focus, couples, families, and individuals who live or work in a group.

A ‘relationship’ is classified as connection between people. This can be between romantic partners, parent and child, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, team mates, boss and employee. If any of these relationships are difficult, you may like to explore the reasons why you aren’t getting on well and resolve them.

Relationship therapy is slightly different from general counselling in that the approach is more systemic than any other approaches and theories.

What this means is that I look at the family system as a whole, so I would ask you about your family of origin and what your experiences were like as a child and growing up. Often we learn as children to imitate the adults in our lives and when we become adults, we automatically do what we had observed. We may draw a genogram (family tree) together to identify any themes and patterns of relating.

Counselling and psychotherapy provide an opportunity to talk to someone who is impartial, in a safe and confidential environment. You may find that it is a relief to be able to share your most personal, intimate thoughts and feelings, when you don’t want to burden your friends and family.

It is also an opportunity to gain insight and self-awareness, in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Many people find it a positive, life-changing experience. I believe it is the best way of finding our authentic self and therefore the best GIFT we can give ourselves.

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I offer affordable, holistic and integrative supervision to qualified and trainee counsellors / psychotherapists working with individual adults, couples and families.

I work with the Hawkins and Shohet’s seven-eyed model of supervision, which appreciatively unpicks and explores the relationships between clients, supervisee, supervisor and the field in which we all operate. I use metaphors, imagery, body and other creative ways to work with you.

I believe supervision is a collaborative endeavour with an emphasis on self-care, support, authenticity and relationships. I will encourage, challenge and support you to bring your authentic self in the work as a counsellor / therapist in an appreciative manner. I will provide a safe, confidential space to reflect on your work, our relationship, any difficulties and to facilitate those difficult conversations.

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Qualifications and Training


Certificate in Supervision at CSTD
MA in Relationship Therapy at the Relate Institute
Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies
Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills