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"For nearly two years, I've been working with Ikuko, and our sessions have significantly improved my life. Initially seeking her expertise due to struggles with postpartum depression and birth trauma, I never anticipated the intricate layers of self-awareness I would uncover. Through this journey, I've come to understand how our childhood interactions and experiences shape our present-day well-being. Guided by Ikuko's profound wisdom, I've embarked on a transformative journey, learning how to remain in a state of self-nurturing and enhanced self-care. She introduced me to practical tools that help elevate my daily mood and improve my overall health. I've also become better at understanding myself and establishing healthy boundaries in my relationships with both others and myself. Ikuko is an exceptionally experienced, compassionate, and holistic therapist. If you are seeking to enrich your life and break free from old patterns, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ikuko."

~ Miss D

"Ikuko is a bright talent in a field of soggy and confusing therapeutic options. After years of working with different tools and therapists, I was finally able to make life changing progress with her excellent and compassionate guidance. Her method is holistic and systemic, which gave us the opportunity to really understand things at their core. Finding these common threads and connections, Ikuko supported a new way to understand myself and how I relate to others and the world. This was vital in my person journal to find a peaceful, connected and meaningful life."

~ Miss A

"Our experience with Ikuko was incredibly positive. She offered insightful guidance and a compassionate approach, helping us navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger as a couple."

~ Mr & Mrs M&J

Ikuko is kind and compassionate, while offering a challenge during every session. She’s helped me pinpoint issues and asks reflective questions, which encourages me to confront topics head-on. It’s refreshing to speak with a therapist who provides a safe and open minded environment, with a particular understanding of mixed cultural backgrounds. 

~ Miss L

I began my therapy journey with Ikuko as a 27 year old man. I had held off on seeing a therapist for years as I was unsure about my past experiences with counselling. I had convinced myself that I was fine, and that I would simply figure things out over time. In reality, I was fighting a losing battle due to the habits I had formed throughout my earlier years in response to trauma; habits which no longer served me and had ultimately become harmful. While therapy isn’t always easy, the commitment I made to myself to explore and work on these issues with Ikuko has given me the space to heal and as a result, be more authentically myself without feeling an exhausting need to escape my reality. This has only strengthened my relationships with my family, friends and most importantly myself. 


Ikuko immediately created a safe space for us to work together. From there, she has a gift for identifying patterns and themes which I would have not otherwise seen or understood, and in my case, creating solutions together to gradually address these through a more action-oriented, practical approach. While this may not be for everyone, this is what I felt I needed and Ikuko was very accommodating of that.


What I love most about our sessions is that it gives me a consistent, reliable space to discuss either more spontaneous events and feelings which may have surfaced in the week, or more longer-term, foundational aspects of myself which I wish to work on. This flexible approach works perfectly for me, and I have come to embrace my sessions with Ikuko as an important space for self-care and personal development on a more permanent, ongoing basis.

~ Mr H

I have had the privilege of working with Ikuko for the past five years, and it has been an invaluable journey for my mental well-being. Initially, I was hesitant about counseling, but at the insistence of friends and my wife, I decided to give it a try, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made for my mental health.

My weekly sessions with Ikuko have become an indispensable part of my mental health regimen, alongside activities like walking and meditation. What sets Ikuko apart is her wealth of experience in counseling, both individual and couples therapy. She possesses a rare talent for active listening, which makes you feel truly heard and understood.

However, what truly distinguishes Ikuko is her ability to offer fresh and insightful perspectives on personal issues, enhancing my decision-making process. She has an impressive grasp of various facets of reality, whether it's personal, familial, relational, or professional. Her professionalism shines through in every session, and she is refreshingly candid in her feedback"

~ Mr F

I'm very glad I was referred to Ikuko by a friend. From the very first session I had with Ikuko, I started understanding myself better. She has a unique way of guiding me to reflect on myself and helping me find answers to questions I didn't even know I should ask myself. Her approach is collaborative and emphasises the value of the "work" I am putting into each session. One of Ikuko's biggest assets is her expertise in cultural nuances. I have grown up and worked across three continents, and in our sessions, Ikuko uncovers underlying themes and motivations that I was not aware of. Originally, I started sessions with Ikuko to explore career-related problems. Over the last three years however, depending on my needs, our sessions have evolved to cover topics including anxiety, fulfilment, familial obligations, and relationships. Ikuko's flexibility is much appreciated. Her wisdom and guidance will continue to be an integral part of my journey.

~ Mr Y

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